SEGES – Svineproduktion

SEGES is an organization affiliated with Agriculture and Food. Their business area includes Danish agriculture, where they work to develop and share their large knowledge base. 

We worked on two projects for SEGES. The first was a redesign to their website, which dealt with pork production. The previous site had received a lot of negative feedback, users complained that they could not find the content they were looking for. We decided to develop the new website, so it could be used as a tool for pig farmers. With the new and improved website, the users could easily access and make use of SEGE's large knowledge base. 

The second project was a new app. In the Danish pig farms, a large proportion of employees are brought in from abroad or directly after finishing their agricultural studies. The employees do not necessarily have any experience with pig farming beforehand. SEGES wanted a tool that could help this group in their daily life out in the barn. We therefore created an app where the employees can readily access knowledge to solve any challenges encountered in the stables. 

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For the design I was looking for a mix between the country feeling and the data driven knowledge. I made a moodboard with both country images and some visualization of obtained data. The result was a mosaic look combined with colourful images. 

The website

The website consists of a ton of articles and news about scientific studies. On the old website it was nearly impossible to find the information the users were looking for. 

On the new website the most visited articles and tools were highlighted on the front-page. We also worked on improving the navigation on the website to make it easier for the users to find the information they were looking for. 


The app

During the interview process, we realized that a number of employees in the stable had reading difficulties. To accommodate this, we designed an app that was intuitive to navigate. This app solution was very well received by the employees during user tests. We also incorporated a read aloud function and multiple language options.